Speaker: Prof. Nikos Mamoulis


Big Data at the DATA Lab (Slides)


In this talk, I will present recent research on Big Data by the DATA Lab at the University of Ioannina. In a nutshell, our work focuses on the effective search and analysis of relational data, large graphs, social media data, and spatially enriched data. In particular, one of our research directions is the production of query results that are (a) properly visualized, (b) automatically commented by text, (c) vocally enriched; we also work on how to accompany a query result with results of complementary queries that allow the qualitative assessment of its information content. A second direction is the analysis of large social networks that evolve over time. We introduce novel graph queries that (a) have a time-range dimension, (b) look into the durability of results, and (c) capture time evolution. Storage, indexing and algorithmic solutions are proposed to support such queries. Analyzing the data generated at social media sites is another subject of our research. In particular, we are interested in (a) the summarization and selection of review and micro-review content, (b) recommendations in review systems, (c) understanding the nature of relationships and the process of information cascade over time and (d) Modeling the process of opinion formation in social networks. Finally, we study the indexing, search and analysis of spatially-enriched data. In particular, we are interested in (a) the management of location information in large RDF data graphs, (b) location-aware suggestion of keyword queries, (c) search, recommendation and clustering of geo-social network data.


Nikos Mamoulis joined the University of Ioannina in 2014. Before that, he has been a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Hong Kong. His research is on the management, search and analysis of complex data types with a focus on spatially enriched data. He served as PC co-chair of SSTD 2009, COMAD 2013, and HDMS 2014 and as a general chair of SSDBM 2008. He has been an Associate Editor of The VLDB Journal, IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, Knowledge and Information Systems and as Editorial Board Member of Geoinformatica.

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