Speaker: Prof. Yongluan Zhou


Research on Big Data Systems at the University of Southern Denmark


In this talk, I will present recent research done by the Big Data Systems Lab at the University of Southern Denmark. Our research mostly focus on enhancing the performance and scalability of Big Data Systems, including Distributed Computing Frameworks (like Hadoop and Spark), Distributed Stream Analytics Systems, Distributed Database Systems, Distributed Graph Processing Systems. In particular, I will highlight our technical contributions in three research systems (co-)developed by our lab: (1) Enorm: a holistic fault-tolerance framework for distributed stream analytics, (2) Deca: a lifetime-based data manager for Spark, and (3) SemStore: a distributed RDF graph data storage and querying system.


Yongluan Zhou is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Before joining SDU, he had been working at EPFL, Switzerland as a postdoctoral researcher. He obtained his PhD in Computer Science at the National University of Singapore. His research interests span across database systems and distributed systems, especially in the area of query processing and optimization. He has published over 50 research articles in international journals and conference proceedings, including PVLDB, ICDE, EDBT, etc.

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