The Data Generation Tool - Unigen

Unigen is a multi-model data generator by UDBMS group at the University of Helsinki. Now it can generate the data including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data (including XML, JSON, Key-value, relation and graph data).

Platform Version Download
Win64 20161128 Binary
Unix 201612802 Binary    Source code


    Unigen [Scaling_Factor]

Notice: The binary file requires at least JRE 8 to run.

Note that once succeed, you will find data under your current path, and 0.1 is the default scaling factor which means (VendorNumber=100, ProductNumber=100, RegUserNumer=100, CustomerNumber=100, OrderNumber=100, MaxOrderLineNumber=5, InvoiceNumber=100, ReviewNumber=50)


// This command will generate approximately 2M multi-model data
    Unigen 0.2

// This command will generate approximately 50M multi-model data        
    Unigen 0.3

// This command will generate approximately 100M multi-model data 
    Unigen 1

Note that MaxOrderLineNumber is always fixed number 5.

Multi-model Documents for download

(Scaling Factor 1.0)

For your convenience, we provide a ready-made document with multi-model data for a 100 MB experiment. To save bandwidth, it has been compressed with gzip. However, it is still large (32 MB) -- so if you are on a slow connection, you might prefer to generate the document with one of the binaries above or compile the source.