Associate Professor

Jiaheng Lu

PhD Candidates

Pengfei Xu

Chao Zhang

Yuxing Chen

Gongsheng Yuan

Master students and research assistants

Pekka Halonen

Khan Nazmul M H

Ziye Zhou

Tri Nguyen

Valter Uotila

Visiting Students

Jun Chen


Ziye Zhou, Master thesis "Worst-case optimal join algorithms for multi-model databases" September 2018

Shewangizaw Sore, Master thesis "Benchmarking multi-model databases with MongoDB and AgensGraph" June 2018

Peter Goetsch, Master thesis "Geometric Approaches to Big Data Modeling and Performance Prediction" June 2018

Shiva Ram Shrestha "Parameter tuning and performance evaluation with HiBench on Hive and Spark SQL" January 2018

Meiling Li, Master thesis title: "Benchmarking Multi-model Databases with ArangoDB and OrientDB" August 2017

Shuqing Fang, Master thesis "Sampling based Frequency Estimation on Massive Wikipedia JSON Documents" April 2017