Person dataset


This dataset includes 502,529 persons in Wikipedia. The person graph is extracted from DBpedia 2014 (, and represented as RDF triples, including their categories. Another person JSON document is crawled from Wikipedia by its API (, containing the people's image url.

Complete Data Statistics:

RDF graph:
Source nodes 502,529
Labeled edges 48
Target nodes 417,315
Triples 4,471,823
JSON document:
Rows 153,134
Attributes 10

Sample Data:


Tom_Hanks   birthDate   "1956-07-09"^^<>
Tom_Hanks   birthYear   "1956"^^<>
Tom_Hanks   activeYearsStartYear    "1978"^^<>
Tom_Hanks   networth    "3.9E8"^^<>
Tom_Hanks   birthPlace  Concord,_California
Tom_Hanks   occupation  Tom_Hanks__1
Tom_Hanks   residence   Los_Angeles
Tom_Hanks   residence   California
Tom_Hanks   education   Chabot_College
Tom_Hanks   education   California_State_University,_Sacramento
Tom_Hanks   religion    Eastern_Orthodox_Church
Tom_Hanks   spouse  Rita_Wilson
Tom_Hanks   child   Colin_Hanks
Tom_Hanks   relation    Jim_Hanks

            "to":"Tom Hanks"}],
                "title":"Tom Hanks",

Example Queries:

Query 01 Find top-k people who looks like Barack Obama and lives in USA.

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